MBA Trips in Latin America

MBA Trips in Latin America

Become inspired to lead the world in sustainable business. Explore cultures and landscapes vastly different from your own, and join your friends in a truly life-changing journey.

On our MBA trips, students experience new business cultures, learn from award-winning innovators and discover a new type of company’s working to solve pressing global issues.

If you are a faculty or MBA student, get in touch to tailor a journey around Latin America to your needs and goals.

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Benefits of our MBA trips

Become leaders in sustainable business

During your MBA trip, you will visit businesses that are working to solve global issues while driving commercial success.

Enhance your career prospects

Gain invaluable real-world experience and develop essential transferable skills highly desired by leading employers.

Truly immersive

Come face-to-face with cultures old and new, and traditions vastly different to your own.

Travel ethically

Travel with a company that is mitigating its environmental impact while creating positive change in the communities you visit.

What makes our MBA experiences unique

Visit B Corporations

B Corporation visits

B Corporations are transforming the business world. Students gain a first-hand look at how a company with this world-renowned certificate of sustainability continues to deliver commercial success while remaining socially and environmentally responsible. We include a visit to one or more B Corps on every business studies trip with our partners ranging from restaurants to coffee producers and from leading fashion labels to marketing companies.

Workshops at incubators

Workshops at incubators

Latin America boasts an array of cities that are changing the landscape of sustainable businesses through innovative start-ups. Whether in Medellin, Colombia, or Mexico City, your students will enjoy interactive tours of incubators that provide essential support, networking, and resources for new businesses.

Talks from experts

Talks from experts

With our extensive partnerships around Central and South America, your students will connect with leading business professionals, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. If you have an expert in mind, let us know so we can make it happen. Otherwise, we can suggest a range of inspirational keynote speakers and presenters that will enhance your students' understanding of your subject matter.

Design-thinking workshops

Design-thinking workshops

We equip your students with transferable skills as well as indispensable business experience. Our experts in social entrepreneurship will take students through specially-designed workshops that allow them to develop skills highly coveted by universities and future employers. Students will focus on specific skills like - teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and many more.

Foreign-owned business visits

Foreign-owned business visits

Students learn the process of setting up a successful business in another country with visits to foreign-owned companies in Latin America. These experiences, included on all business studies trips, connect students with CEOs who have overcome cultural barriers to create impactful international businesses that bring value to the environment and communities they work in.

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