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Life-changing trips through Latin America

Experience the world on inspirational group adventures

Expand your global vision, learn about fascinating new cultures and explore barely-believable landscapes. Become wiser, more adventurous and more conscious of the world with one-of-a-kind trips around Latin America’s megadiverse destinations.

Educational travel in Latin America, dancing in Colombia.

Inspirational Trips & Experiences

Educational travel in Latin America

Ages 13+

Educational travel for students

Immersive and sustainability-focused faculty-led trips for schools, colleges and universities.

Summer + study abroad programs

Ages 16-25.

Summer + study abroad programs

Sustainability-focused study abroad programs around Latin America. In-person, virtual or hybrid versions.

Adult trips

Ages 18+

Adult trips

Small group and private adventure trips around Latin America's most diverse regions.

Virtual global experiences

Ages 13+

Virtual Global Experiences

Virtual field trips, sustainability webinars, and courses tailored to your study focus.

Why choose Kagumu Adventures

Travel to do good

Travel with a strong sustainability ethos, positively impacting the communities you visit and limiting your environmental trace.

Learn about people

Expand your cultural awareness, exploring new (and old) ways of life and experiencing vastly different traditions from around the world.

Feel the adventure

Drop the routine, veer away from the heavily-trodden tourist paths to blaze a trail in fascinating destinations and new environments.

In great hands

Forget the hassle of organizing, rest assured safety is ensured and enjoy a journey that won’t break the bank.

Latin American Travel Destinations







How we have impacted people

"Kagumu Adventures walks the walk when it comes to responsible and sustainable travel. Every detail of the trip was handled, leaving us nothing to worry about, including plenty of vegan options at every meal (thank you!). I can’t wait to schedule my next trip!"

2020, Lost City Trek

Testimonial Item



“The safety factor and the well-designed program made us feel 100% at ease. The kids were having the time of their lives. Chris and I both truly loved this trip, growing professionally along with the students."

Spanish Immersion Trip

Testimonial Item

Professor Brady

Pacific Ridge, US

"The homestay was an incredible way to legitimately connect with Colombians and discover what the culture is like. I was beyond lucky to be spoiled by an incredibly open, loving, and kind family."

Spanish trip, Colombia, 2020

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San Diego

"The activities were very interesting and fun. The kids were able to put into practice what they know from their classroom learning. The guides made us feel very comfortable at all times."

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Paz Costantini

Faculty of Agronomy

Very proud partners

We travel AND do good

All our trips are heavily focused on the Sustainable Development Goals. We align our impact to the SDGs and each itinerary includes unique activities with innovative projects that are positively impacting the SDGs, especially fighting climate change, reducing inequalities and promoting Human Rights. 

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