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Travel to do good

Responsible, educational & unique

We harness the unique power of travel to develop your global perspective, inspiring you to live more impactful lives. Experience Latin Americas colorful, rich and extraordinary cultures, explore barely-believable landscapes and do so in the most responsible way possible.

Our Experiences

Faculty-led student trips

Ages 13+

Faculty-led student trips

Immersive and sustainability-focused trips for schools, colleges and universities.

Summer + study abroad programs

Ages 16-25.

Summer + study abroad programs

Sustainability-focused study abroad programs around Central and South America. In-person, virtual or hybrid versions.

Adult trips

Ages 18+

Adult trips

Small group and private adventure trips around South America's most diverse regions.

Virtual Global Experiences

Ages 13+

Virtual Global Experiences

Virtual field trips, sustainability webinars, and courses tailored to your study focus.

Our Travel Destinations






Why choose Kagumu Adventures?

Carbon neutral travel

We calculate ALL of our carbon emissions, including your trip and we offset these emissions by donating money to reforestation projects run by ​Stand for Trees and others. View our Climate Action plan here.

Truly Impactful

We have a mission to inspire our participants to live, travel and work more sustainably. We measure our results on every trip to ensure our impact.

Positive social impact

We support responsible social and environmental projects in Latin America, helping them scale their positive impact.

Responsible partners

We carefully choose the most responsible hotels, guides, restaurants, and any local partners we work with so that the social impact of your trip is maximized and the environmental impact is minimized.