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Prepare students for the future of business

Are your students ready to experience the power of good business while exploring fascinating countries in Latin America?

Through our MBA trips, students visit and work with sustainability-driven organizations and award-winning enterprises to propel their own career prospects.

Choose from our pre-designed itineraries or customise a trip to your class and specific curriculum and study focus.

MBA Trip Latin America Faculty

Why choose our MBA trips

Travel for free

As a valued faculty member you will travel with us at no cost.

Learn the future of business

We focus on business to do good. This means your students will be working with and visiting leading social enterprises, B Corps, and impactful organizations. 

Propel students' career prospects

Your students will gain essential experience planning a trip, collaborating with people from different cultures while developing leadership skills highly sought after by future employees.

Unparalleled assistance

We know the challenges of organising an MBA trip for students. Our team will be with you every step of the way, meaning you can focus on enjoying the journey.

Where you can go


Immense Diversity & Transformation

Declared the world’s second most biodiverse country, Colombia is among Latin America’s most exciting destinations. It boasts a blend of modern and ancient cultures and entices travelers with world-class Latin music, vibrant communities and epic scenery.


Epic Landscapes & Ancient Cultures

Few countries enjoy the blend of native cultures, world-class cuisine and picture-postcard landscapes like Peru. It’s no surprise people from all over the world pin this South American country at the top of their bucket list.


Unique Ecosystems & Native Communities

Ecuador’s mix of cultural diversity with unique natural wonders and wildlife is barely believable. Lying on the equator, this majestic land boasts more diverse species, per square mile, than anywhere else on earth.


Vibrant Culture & Impactful Business

Discover one of the continent’s most vibrant and absorbing cities, Buenos Aires. You'll experience leading impact organisations and feel the rich Porteño culture.

Benefits of choosing Kagumu for your MBA trip

Peace of mind

The safety of you and your students is paramount for us. Contact us to find out about our extensive safety protocols.

Take the load off

We take full responsibility for the trip from the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you leave.

You'll enjoy the journey!

You’ll experience new cultures, taste local food, and enjoy some downtime while our experienced team accompanies the group. 

Insurance & cancellation policy

We offer full liability for your trip and also offer a very flexible cancellation policy. Contact us for more information.

Pre-trp assistance

We help take the load off by offering risk assessments, detailed itineraries, and help with creating your proposal.

Travel ethically

Our ethos is responsible travel. We are dedicated to limiting our environmental impact, increasing our positive social impacts and inspiring others to follow suit. ​Find out more about Kagumu’s sustainable impact by clicking here.