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Shaping futures through life-changing experiences

Give your students a new global perspective, bringing their studies to life and enhancing career prospects.

Students will develop essential skills and competencies while exploring epic landscapes, new cultures, and fascinating traditions in Latin America.

Contact us to customize an itinerary to your study focus.

Inspirational trips & experiences

Faculty-led trips around Latin America

Faculty-led trips

Immersive and sustainability-focused faculty-led trips around Latin America.

Summer + study abroad programs

Summer + study abroad programs

Sustainability-driven study abroad programs around Latin America. In-person, virtual or hybrid versions.

MBA trips

MBA trips

Career-enhancing MBA trips around Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina or Bolivia.

Virtual global education

Virtual Experiences

Virtual field trips, sustainability webinars, and courses tailored to your study focus.

Your perfect university trip provider

Enhance students' career prospects

Give your students key global perspectives and experiences, preparing them for professional success.

Hassle-free & affordable

Affordable prices, tailored promotional material, and an extensive pre-trip course help you generate high interest from students.

Strengthen learning

Students will enhance their learning through unique experiences that are tailored to your curriculum. We provide you with impact reports.

Expert perspectives

Your students will make long-lasting, meaningful connections with biologists, anthropologists, entrepreneurs, social leaders, political activists, many more.

We have worked with

Nuts and bolts


The safety of you and your students is paramount for us. Contact us to find out about our extensive safety protocols.

Unparalleled assistance

We take full responsibility for the trip from the moment you arrive at the airport to the moment you leave.

Culturally immersive

Your students will engage A LOT with locals, swerving the traditional tourist sights for a culturally immersive experience.

Fully customizable itineraries

We can adapt each itinerary to the needs of your students or can design your trip from scratch. Contact us to find out more.

Insurance & cancellation policy

We offer full liability for your trip and also offer a very flexible cancellation policy. Contact us for more information.

Proposal assistance

We help take the load off by offering risk assessments, detailed itineraries, and help with creating your proposal.


We offer free places for accompanying teachers and professors and can offer discounts for large groups.

Responsible Travel

Our ethos is responsible travel. We are dedicated to limiting our environmental impact, increasing our positive social impacts and inspiring others to follow suit. ​Find out more about Kagumu’s sustainable impact by clicking here.