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What a School Trip with Kagumu Looks Like for Teachers

School trip planning Kagumu

Whether you are planning a school tour for the first time or a seasoned trip leader, our team at Kagumu has you covered.

Free travel, hassle-free organisation, and increased student enrolment – here’s exactly what planning a school trip with Kagumu looks like for teachers. 

1. You’ll travel for free

As a valued teacher your trip will come at no cost to you. Apart from the international flights, we include everything during your travels – food, accommodation, activities, guiding, transportation, and even a travel pack (more below).


2. You’ll receive unparalleled (and unlimited) pre-trip assistance

If you are new to trip planning or you’ve done this many times before, we are here to help. 

Our expert and friendly team will accompany you all the way including online meetings, presentations, sending through promotional materials, risk assessments and anything else you may need.


3. Your classroom teaching will be enhanced

We offer pre-designed, ready-to-go itineraries aligned to a range of subjects. If you have a specific need, we can tailor an itinerary to your curriculum. 

“The immersive aspect of this trip increased our students’ Spanish skills exponentially and was something the kids commented on at length….They were so happy to practice their Spanish, and the fact that they felt so connected to the Kagumu guides made the immersion more effective.” Meredith Brady, Spanish professor, Pacific Ridge School


4. Your workload will be dramatically reduced 

As educational travel experts we know the challenges when organizing a trip, especially when coupled with day-to-day teaching. 

All our school trips include everything, leaving you to simply enjoy the trip rather than worrying about planning, logistics, or bookings. 


5. You’ll gain more student enrollments with low costs

To keep trips as equitable as possible we keep our costs low, meaning many more families can afford the price. 

We also offer free student places for groups of a certain size and can provide assistance if students are looking to fundraise for their trips. 

Planning a school trip with Kagumu

6. You’ll enjoy the journey yourself!

We understand teachers want to travel too! On our trips, you’ll experience new cultures, taste local food, and enjoy some downtime while our experienced team takes care of the students.

“I thought it was a really nice touch with our guide. Angel took us for a meal without the kids. This gave us some time to relax and I felt that after this one-on-one conversation he was able to understand our group to an even greater extent.” Tess McNamara, Boston Public School


7. You’ll receive our Kagumu gift pack

As a thank you for choosing us as your third-party educational provider, you will receive a unique responsible traveler gift pack with essential eco-friendly products for your own travels! Perfect for this trip and more in the future.

Feeling inspired? Contact our expert team to start planning your own school trip.