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Teacher-led Student Trips

Inspirational, impactful & responsible

Enhance your students’ global learning by creating an experience of a lifetime with experimental and sustainably-focused trips and virtual programs in South America. School, college and university leaders choose from our pre-designed itineraries or allow us to tailor the perfect experience to your study focus.

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Discover pre-Columbian beliefs, traditions and archaeological sites that still exist today on Colombia’s coastal Caribbean region.

Enhance your students’ Spanish language skills, discovering a vibrant new culture and developing a greater understanding of pressing global issues.

Explore Colombia’s magnificent Andes while discovering how to protect its unique ecosystems and alien-like paramos. Students connect with the country’s...

Explore one of the most sought-after destinations for scientists and nature lovers. Students visiting the Galapagos enjoy hands-on experiences with...

Prepare your students to work in a global business environment that’s helping to shape a more sustainable world.

Explore one of the richest and most diverse cultures in South America with a trip to Cusco and the spellbinding...

Develop your students’ sustainability mindset and give them the tools to take positive actions in their own lives and communities.

Why choose Kagumu Adventures?


The safety of you and your students is paramount for us. Contact us to find out about our extensive safety protocols.

Unparalleled assistance

Missed or cancelled flights? Don’t worry we will coordinate everything for you from assisting with cancellations to organizing refunds.

Transport & Accommodation

We only work with experienced, secure, and responsible transport and accommodation partners.

Fully customizable itineraries

We can adapt each itinerary to the needs of your students or can design your trip from scratch. Contact us to find out more.

Insurance & cancellation policy

We offer full liability for your trip and also offer a very flexible cancellation policy. Contact us for more information.


We offer free places for accompanying teachers and professors and can offer discounts for large groups. Our usual policy is for 1 free professor per 10 students and we also include return discounts.

Responsible Travel

Our ethos is responsible travel. We are dedicated to limiting our environmental impact, increasing our positive social impacts and inspiring others to follow suit. We work alongside the Sustainable Development Goals and offer carbon neutral trips. ​Find out more about Kagumu’s sustainable impact by clicking here.

Safety and security

Our unblemished record in terms of security and safety is thanks to our vastly experienced staff and protocols that include:

  • Risk assessments conducted by trained staff prior to your journey.
  • Experienced staff fully trained in first-aid, mountain rescue (in some cases), CRISIS training and biosecurity.
  • Adherence to the biosecurity measures implemented by various countries following the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Updated security protocols for the whole range of possible emergencies.
  • Full health insurance for every student and teacher.
  • Continual communication with the government, local council and communities about developing security situations on a secure online portal.