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Virtual Education Programs

Virtual experience, real impact

Expand your students’ international perspective. Connect them to other students from around the world while inspiring them to tackle pressing global issues. Get in touch to explore Kagumu’s range of unique and affordable virtual educational tours, webinars and courses.

Our Programs

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Are your students ready to engage in pressing global issues, collaborate with students from different backgrounds and discover how to...

Students Mural work with La Chispa 2

Are you ready to immerse yourself into a vibrant, colorful and passionate culture? Keen to join an international community

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Experience the power of good business by becoming part of a pioneering impactful organization that is driving sustainability through their...

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Bring your students’ learning to life with our range of interactive virtual experiences from Colombia and Peru.

Why choose our virtual experiences

Collaborate with local students

Learn from industry experts

Gain a global perspective

Flexibility on time and price

Tailored to your students’ area of study

Carbon neutral & socially responsible

Previous participants

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Do you want to join one of our virtual programs or would you like to complement your students’ learning with cultural exchanges?. Get in touch with Kagumu Adventures today to organize a free consultancy call with one of our experts.